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The Full Story



Born and raised in New York, Caitlin Dwyer is a reputable professional in various fields. She is a Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Model, Performer, Producer, Media and Marketing Consultant, and Event Coordinator who projects a high level of technical competence, authority, and enthusiasm in doing what she knows how to do best. 

Caitlin has written, recorded, choreographed, and starred in two of her own music videos. Besides, three of her songs are currently streaming on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and more, As an Actress, she has worked and featured in various film productions, most recently among them is Oceans 8. She has over the years, done some modeling in both runway and print. In addition to her many accomplishments, Caitlin is an active member of diverse Girl-group SHe, a Singing group with their newest Single “Half Crazy” available now on all music platforms. The talented and energetic performer is known for the passionate manner in which she fleshes out her flawless melodies and character to wow the audience and the world around her. Whenever she takes the center of the stage, there’s no limit to her flair. She’s currently in the studio, working on some new music and old projects to be released in 2022.



With over 10 years of progressive experience coordinating and managing malls, large-sized events, and live entertainment, Caitlin has proven herself as a force to reckon with in the Music & Entertainment Industry.  She is careful in helping you realize the content and goals for your brand –  Aside from being versed in new and old styles of music, fashion, and media, she constantly keeps up with the latest trends, while continuously working on her own advanced techniques. Caitlin is epitomized by creative thinking, brilliant intuition, and insight. This allows her to create a personalized and successful brand for each of her clients by making sure projects run smoothly, meet deadlines, and stays within budgets. 


A DREAM has no expiration date. Caitlin, Devon, Rocio, Sara & Savanity: an indie-pop girl group SHe, has reunited to release their music. A diary and rollercoaster ride of bouncy, edgy pop music, and artistic expressions through the eyes of five, diverse, unique, strong female artists.

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Toly Rod Singer/ Songwriter/ Actor


Rocio Lopez Singer/ Songwriter/ Actress


Devon Diep Singer/ Actress/ Songwriter


Sara Amore Singer/ Songwriter


Devin Rodriguez Singer/ Songwriter/ Producer

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SHe International GirlGroup



The Next Step 

As a current Social Media Branding & Digital Marketing Specialist, Caitlin supports leadership facilitators and clients in the Music, Fashion and business industries on issues of media, branding , marketing, pr, events, and more. Professionally, her areas of expertise lie in Executive Support, Business Administration, Project/Event Coordination, and effective use of various digital and social media channels to assist the company and clients increase brand awareness and customer base. Tapping into her educational background, Caitlin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management & Business from the New York Institution of Technology. 

A reputable professional in this field, Caitlin Dwyer aims to continue working and supporting amazing causes, Artists, Entertainment and more.  


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