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Caitlin Dwyer:  An experienced artist and an enthusiastic performer, Caitlin Dwyer promotes self-empowerment and the belief that anything is possible with enough hard work.  The development of her style and her evolution as an artist stems from this very belief.  An accomplished singer, actress, dancer, and model, Caitlin has proven that hard work does indeed pay off.

Caitlin’s 2016 MUSIC VIDEO PROJECT X was only just the start of her first solo single and music video “GAMES”.  Written, choreographed and produced by Caitlin, MVPX is her opportunity to spread her vision and love for music. In 2017 Caitlin followed up with another single, “Washed Away” ft. Matt Chua,  a very real version of the true love  and sadness in relationships. Working on a new  EP Project, Caitlin’s new sound and concept will hopefully bring joy and empowerment to todays music.


Since her earliest years, Caitlin harbored a love for arts and entertainment, surrounded by it from a young age.  Caitlin quickly grew to love and explore all parts of the industry, from dancing to acting and singing.  With several projects on her resume, such as Paramount’s Staten Island Summer and Girl Most Likely (2013), Caitlin continues to hone her craft, most recently appearing in Ocean’s Eight (2017) and  in Michael Maugeri's Beyond Kepler (2018) as the role of reporter Stacy Brandt.  In addition, she has performed, as both part of a group and as a solo artist, at such events as The She’s Hooked on Love Benefit Concert, the PA Benefit for Children with Cancer Concert, and Eve Soto’s Tribute to The Legends of Soul at BB Kings NYC.

Enthusiastic in her love for music and giving back to the community, Caitlin continues to work towards reaching a variety of audiences with messages promoting unity and empowerment.  For a number of years she has involved herself in philanthropic endeavors, including the creation of her own non-profit company, Music For Change.

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